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Our team of highly trained and experienced security professionals are dedicated to protecting their clients' safety and security. This can give clients peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands.


BobbyBolders Security can provide a variety of services that can make life easier for clients, such as private jet charter, VVIP airport protocols, and fast track check-in/immigration services.


We provide a variety of security services that can help to protect clients from a variety of threats, such as close protection, car pooling, and other general services.


BobbyBolders Security is committed to confidentiality and will never share its clients' personal information with any third party.

Your peace of mind, our priority.

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Our Services

We provide services in the folowing areas.

Flight Ticketing

Bringing You The Best Fare Deals From All Airlines. It may interest you to know that our ticket prices are sourced directly from the airline ticketing office located at the international airport which makes it easy to Book, Upgrade, change, Refund or as the case may be. Contact us for Simple And Convenient ticketing Services Local, Regional & International.

Airport Protocol

Clients are not expected to queue for the issuance of individual boarding pass flying economy / business class. Although, they may be required to appear together if they are traveling as a group. Clients are escorted through the boarding gate to the waiting lounge until the flights are boarding, then airborne. Please note that the service charge per client covers express fast track services, lounge access irrespective of the class of ticket and diplomatic car parking. On arrival, guests are fast tracked through government agency security checks then finally escorted to the point of pick up by arranged designated driver at the diplomatic car park.

Fast track check-in/immigration services

BobbyBolders Security can help individuals and businesses to bypass the regular check-in lines at the airport. This can save valuable time, especially when traveling during peak travel times.

Nigeria Visa On Arrival

Apply and secure on behalf of your guest irrespective of his/ her nationality, a business visa into Nigeria to be provided on arrival. Provide express voa approvals within 24hours. We also handle other immigration related issues.

Armed Escort/Close Protection

Our armed escorts can be deployed to accompany individuals locally or on long-distance trips through high-risk areas. Our convoys include front and rear vehicular escorts for maximum protection. This allows an optimal number of officers to keep watch from all vantage points.

Private Charter

We can arrange for private jets to be chartered for individuals and businesses. This can be a convenient and secure way to travel, especially for long-distance trips.